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Welcome to "The Love Helper"

Get the extreme powerful reading from Geno Adamo, a well-known Love Expert and Spiritual Life Relationship Strategist, specializing in all love matters for over 40 years. He is based in California, USA and servicing local and international clients.

Are you lost when it comes to love?
Have you not found the one yet?
Your love wishes don’t seem to come true?
Want to bring back the past lover in your life?
Or simply want to know what your future holds with respect to love?

All these and more can be aligned with unique methodology curated by Geno Adamo.

 The Love Helper Expertise: 

* Family Issues/Children/Parents * Stopping Divorce * Fixing A Troubled Relationship *  Healing A Broken Heart * Fear Of Commitment * Depression * Jealousy * Cheating * Arguing * Emotional Abuse * Verbal Abuse * Loneliness * Grief/Loss, Fear of Getting Into A Relationship And Getting Out Of A Relationship, and lastly a complete cleansing of negative energy.